Welcome to the official website of JW Foundation.

Welcome to the official website of JW Foundation.

Year 1

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Spring Banquet Year 1

Our very first Spring Banquet was a success just to take place. In under a year of operation we were able to secure top athletes and over $5,000 in scholarships! Some of our athletes were 3X Super Bowl Champ Bill Bates, fastes man in 2003 NFL draft Kevin Garret, most stolen bases in one game record holder for Texas Rangers Scarborough Green, 3X Olympian and World Champion Michael Blackwood of Jamaica, and mma fighter/action star Shondo Blades. We were able to give away at least one scholarship to every school in the county. Cooke County as a whole is cry important to the JW Foundation and we will strive to give more and more to our community every year.


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