Welcome to the official website of JW Foundation.

Welcome to the official website of JW Foundation.

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he JW Foundation, founded September 1st, 2015 and established as a 501(c)3 non-profit September 23rd, 2015, was created to inspire and motivate the youth of Cooke County to pursue their dreams and to never quit. What better way to do so than to bring Pro athletes to town to speak to the kids. Professional athletes have an ability to reach our youth that the average person might struggle to match. One encounter with a pro athlete can change the course of a young troubled kid. Money alone is not enough! Positive experiences, role models, and somebody believing in you other than yourself can help mold our youth right here in Cooke County! With limited resources, we have to work together as a County, as a community to help our children realize their full potential.

At the same time the JW Foundation provides financial support to graduating seniors pursuing higher education through scholarships. In our first year we provided over $6,000 and our second year $8,000. Two scholarships are guaranteed to every school in our county, including Era, Muenster, Sacret Heart, Callisburg, Lindsay, Gainesville, and Valley View. Within 10 years our goal is to be providing over $100,000 to Cooke County graduating seniors.

We have also created a mentorship program where we bring kids in to help other organizations in Cooke County such as D.A.S.H., a locally funded and organized entity to serve meals to the less fortunate on the weekends in place of Meals on Wheels which serves during the week. this is an eye opening experience for many young kids. Our hopes are to not only inspiring our younger generation to give back, but to also understand to never take life for granted.


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